"Is there anything that you don’t like at all?"

"Limits on freedom, bad political systems and potatoes; but just because I’m allergic."

A factchecker who writes about political issues and war conflicts, in a time of forgotten kindness. An unconventional bohemian, fueld by art and literature who craves for untold stories and secret truths. Unmissable character of the NYC social scene, Nicolas Niarchos has reported from Africa, the Middle East, Europe and America working for the New Yorker, the Nation and the New York Times. In a world that needs to be seen and heard, he contributed to shift the focus on the rare and unusual. A brilliant mind moved by a liberal essence and a biting pen.

The 100-pieces limited edition t-shirt capsule thought and designed for Traiano by Nicolas, simply represents him and his vision.
Its true meaning is enclosed in a poem, “A Postcard from the Volcano”, where Wallace Stevens chooses to express complicated concepts through a simplistic language, enveiling the approximation of life that neither art nor writing could truly embody.

Like a fleeting and indefinite moment, this capsule is dedicated to the day dreamers and the night lovers. It is an ode to the sea and the summer; to the wispered secrets and stolen kisses in the sunny landscapes of the Mediterranean grounds, where Nicolas has his roots. Five t-shirts embracing five cultures; plain as the message they carry but embroidered as the meaning they hide.