"Technical fabric stinks"
"These shirts are not breathable"
"It easily stains"

These are three of the most common statements about technical fabric,
and well... they're all FALSE!

For years the popular belief recognized cotton as the best shirts' fabric but,
what if we were to tell you that this is not true?

Here is a list of facts about technical fabric that' ll explain you why:
  • It dries much faster than cotton.
  • It includes new anti-bacterical properties that prevent bad smells.
  • Its four way elasticity favors body movements, whereas cotton (which is a still fabric) limits them.
  • It does not pill.
  • It is more resistant to abrasion and deterioration over time.
  • It does not need to be ironed, whereas cotton, even if it is stretch, wrinkles.
  • It is 50% lighter and softer than cotton.
  • It is resistant to chlorine present also in tap water.
  • It allows a total and deep cleaning at 30 degrees, ensuring energy savings.

All our fabrics are made with high quality nylon and top performance polyester, which were were originally designed for sportswear, and therefore developed specifically for its breathable and quick-dry properties.

If it has been developed a specific apparel to guarantee you comfort and implement your performance while practicing sports, why you shoudn't be as much comfortable while working?

Our shirts will not only prove that you can, but also that you should.