Here is a story we’ve never told before. The story of a personal challenge and an unprecedent attempt. The story of performing clothes breaking the boundaries of contemporary menswear. The story of a 5 day journey, to enjoy one single minute.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Type: snow-capped volcano
Elevation: 5, 895 m
Location: Tanzania
Climbers: 30 000 per year
Deaths: 10 per year



On sunny days, when the sky is clear just enough to identify few random clouds spread around, you look at them and you don’t truly realize how far from you they are, as if by simply stretching your arm you could actually reach them.

Well, on a sunny day in November 2017, after climbing for 40 hours, having slept just over 5 a night; after defeating bad weather conditions, fatigue and altitude sickness, Filippo Colnaghi, founder of Traiano, stretched his arm so much that he not only reached one, but he actually surpassed it, finding himself on top of Africa’s tallest peak and largest free-standing mountain rise in the world, in a Traiano suit.