«We aim to inspire and innovate, crafting excellent quality
while sharing stories lived by people that are
real, honest, innately relaxed.»

Filo Colnaghi - Founder of Traiano

The Traiano Milano project joins Italian design and technology in contemporary menswear.

It combines high-end sportswear fabrics, digital printing technologies and traditional craftsmanship.

We create kits of simple objects with an understated design, smart details and a unique comfort.

we are traiano milano

We are a young team with a passion for tradition.

We focus on limited editions, independent ideas.

We are metropolitan citizens but outdoor lovers.

We are creative minds, grounded in functionality.

We are Milan, but also the whole world.

We are the new generation.

Traiano is the pioneer in the development
and production of highly performing shirts made of Technical Fabrics.


The typical three dimensional elasticity of our fabrics allows for a perfect freedom of movement. Their ultra-flat surface results in a linear, and contemporary look, caressing the body with a natural touch, while providing an incredible comfort.


Our fabrics are machine washable. The drying time is extremely short and the fabrics are absolutely easy care: they can also be hand washed, or dry cleaned if required.


Our brand identifies the inimitable quality of a product made entirely in Italy, featuring characteristics that embody Italian creativity, both for technical know-how and for of its appearance and authenticity.


The fabrics do not wrinkle during the day: thickness is reduced by 50% compared to similar fabrics making them particularly light and ensuring maximum convenience, with minimum space in the wardrobe or suitcase while minimizing the formation of creases.


Thanks to an elastic memory mechanically fixed in our jersey fabrics, Traiano garments do not need to be ironed. The shirts will lose wrinkles during the drying phase, as well as when you wear them, through the natural body heat and moisture.


The open honeycomb construction of our fabrics allows air to circulate between the fibers. Their breathable qualities make it cooler and more hygienic. Our garments combine maximum comfort and elegance, enhancing the body and its movements.

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